Message From The Chairman

İMDER, while conducting studies for the development of Turkish machinery sector and opening up to the world, is working to contribute on the activities regarding Turkish economy and development. When we look at Turkey’s investment objectives and future projects, the construction equipment industry will be needed more than it is today. The fact that our country is in the 5th place in Europe and 8th place in the world in construction equipment market, it shows that Turkish construction equipment industry is an emerging force. It is a source of pride for us to be contributing as an association that represents 93% of our sector.

Our aim is to place our country’s market share in the machinary tools sector in the top in Europe and in the world and to contribute to increasing our growth rate and increase the export trade volume of Turkey’s economy. In the road map we have drawn to reach the targets we have determined; we are continuing our efforts to establish mechanisms for business cooperation between our industry and national and international science and technology institutes, because we believe that the power to compete in the machine industry is possible with a high technology.  We can see that the developed countries in the construction equipment industry attach importance to the investments and production of high technology machinery. In order for the Turkish machinery sector to exist in a competitive environment in world markets, we are carrying out activities with a structure based on technology.

İMDER, working to add value to its industry and members with its international partners within a wide geography from India to China, from Japan to America, from Brazil to Europe, Indonesia, Africa and Korea, is working in the machinery sector to increase exports and aims to provide direct value from foreign investments and partnerships to our country in the field of construction equipments, by providing the suitable investment environment and advantages.

Following the year 2017, when construction equipment industry left behind with an increasing volume of exports, we hope that the new year will be a successful one for both the Turkish economy and our industry.



İMDER Turkey Construction Equipment Distributors & Manufacturers Association