İMDER that represents the %93 of Turkish Construction Equipment sector, aims to assist its members, forming a professional and systematic organization with the frame of ethical values principles.

İMDER that has gained the right to use the name of ‘Türkiye’ in 2002, in accordance with Law No: 5253 with approval of the Ministry of Interior and all the relevant ministries continues to grow up with its new valuable members and represent strongly and effectively the Turkish Construction Equipment sector both on national and international platforms.

Construction equipments, asphalt, concrete, tunnel, breaking, drilling and sifting machinery, component are being represented by İMDER.

As a member of İMDER, representing our sector in Turkey, in Europe, America, Korea, China, Japan, Russia, India and Brazil, you will have took a step into the one of the most powerful cooperations in Turkey.

As a member of İMDER;

  • You will be a part of our sector’s union of forces.
  • We will be at your service to strengthen the relations between you and the state institutions and organizations.
  • You will have the chance to contact with the different institutions and the organizations from all around the World and expand your network.
  • You will be recognized in international arena.
  • You will be informed about the current/latest regulations and standards from the beginning of the preparation process.
  • You will be informed about the government incentives.
  • You will be represented at the fairs and the organizations that we believe they are beneficial for our sector.
  • You will make contribution to the vocational education trainings thanks to the protocols that has signed between the state institutions and organizations and our association, in order to meet the need for qualified staff.
  • You will take part in social responsibility projects.
  • You will be a part of a platform where the sectoral problems and suggestions of solutions are discussed.


Companies which act in the field of construction machinery industry (both manufacturers and distributors) and accept İMDER’s membership conditions and terms, sign the İMDER’s Ethical Values can be a member of the association.

These members which hold senior positions such as; Member of the Board of Directors, General Manager, Assistant General Manager, General Coordinator, Marketing and Sales Manager etc. can only be appointed among those who are authorized to make decisions on behalf of the legal person/company and who are notified to İMDER by the legal person/company.

Legal persons/companies can be represented by 3 persons the most.

Companies can be a İMDER member if only they are situated in Türkiye.

If you want to be a İMDER member, please contact